Ash Wood Coffee Table

Caring For Your Live Edge Table

The key to maintaining your piece is to maintain a healthy environment:
Our wood is kiln dried to 6-8%. In order to maintain the beauty of your custom piece we suggest maintaining an indoor humidity of no less than 40% and no more than 50% to prevent cracks, warping and any defects that could arise with too low or too high humidity.

Live edge wood:
Some movement or small surface cracks appearing on your live edge furniture is perfectly healthy and normal. Ensure you utilize the base as support to anchor and support your tabletop.

Caring for your piece:
Once you bring your piece home, allow a total of 30 days to fully cure and acclimatize to your home. It is important NOT to place hot or cold mugs or plates directly on the wood surface as it may mark the finish. We suggest using coasters to ensure longevity of your furniture piece.
Dust with a clean microfiber cloth. If any spills do occur, wipe dry immediately. We suggest using a natural, wax and oil free cleaning spray.

We hope you enjoy your new custom-built piece!

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