Live Edge Counter Tops and Bar Tops

Transform your kitchen, bar, or commercial space into a statement of natural elegance with our exquisite live edge counter tops and bar tops. Crafted with precision and passion, each piece exudes character and charm, adding warmth and sophistication to any environment.

At Wood Slabs, we specialize in creating custom live edge counter tops and bar tops that are as unique as the spaces they inhabit 

Made from responsibly sourced hardwood, each slab is carefully selected to showcase the beauty of the wood's natural grain and live edge, creating a one-of-a-kind focal point for your space.

Whether you're looking to create a cozy breakfast nook, a sleek bar area, or a stunning centerpiece for your kitchen island, our expert craftsmen will work with you to bring your vision to life. 

From choosing the perfect wood species to selecting the ideal finish, every aspect of your live edge counter top or bar top is customizable to suit your style and preferences.

To ensure the longevity and durability of our live edge counter tops and bar tops, we utilize premium finishing products, including Rubio Monocoat. This eco-friendly finish not only enhances the natural beauty of the wood but also provides exceptional protection against spills, scratches, and everyday wear and tear.

Whether you're a homeowner, interior designer, or business owner, our live edge counter tops and bar tops are the perfect choice for adding a touch of rustic charm and sophistication to any space. With their timeless appeal and unparalleled craftsmanship, they are sure to become the focal point of your environment, sparking conversation and admiration for years to come.

Explore our furniture collection today and discover the perfect live edge counter top or bar top to elevate your space.

Contact us to discuss your project requirements, request a quote, or schedule a consultation with our team of experts. 

Featured Counter tops and bar tops

White Ash Kitchen Island

From $3400

Spice up your kitchen with a beautiful live edge island! Here we used white ash as a great contrast in the space.

White Oak

From $2600

One of my favorite woods to work with; white oak.

Black Walnut Kitchen Island

From $9200

This stunning 12 x 4′ live edge black walnut kitchen island fits perfectly as a great accent of natural wood


Live edge counter tops and bar tops are crafted from natural hardwood slabs that retain the tree’s original edge, providing a unique and rustic aesthetic. These pieces showcase the natural beauty of the wood, including its grain patterns, knots, and imperfections.
We offer a wide range of wood species to choose from, including walnut, cherry, maple, oak, and more. Each wood species has its own distinct characteristics, allowing you to select the perfect one to complement your space.
Yes! We specialize in custom creations, and we can tailor the size, shape, and dimensions of your counter top or bar top to fit your specific requirements. Whether you need a small breakfast bar or a large kitchen island, we can accommodate your needs.
We use Rubio Monocoat, a premium finishing product that enhances the natural beauty of the wood while providing durable protection against spills, scratches, and daily wear and tear. This eco-friendly finish is available in a variety of colors to suit your preferences.
Yes! Our live edge counter tops and bar tops are perfect for both residential and commercial applications. Whether you’re outfitting a restaurant, cafe, bar, or office space, our custom creations will add warmth, character, and functionality to any environment.
Maintaining your live edge counter top or bar top is easy. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and mild soap as needed, and avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. Periodically reapply a coat of Rubio Monocoat to keep your surface looking its best.
Absolutely! We invite you to browse our portfolio to see examples of our custom live edge counter tops and bar tops. Each project is a testament to our craftsmanship and attention to detail, showcasing the beauty and versatility of natural wood.

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