• Very large live edge walnut slab
  • Live Edge Wood Walnut Slab
  • Live Edge Walnut Slab
  • Live Edge Wood Walnut Epoxy Slab

Live Edge Black Walnut Wood Slabs

  • 38-52
  • 113
  • 2.75

These old growth massive black walnut slabs feature distinctive grain as well as a number of large voids and cracks perfect for epoxy work. Each slab boasts impressive dimensions and features distinctive live edges, preserving the natural contours of the tree and adding a touch of rustic charm. What truly sets these slabs apart are the abundant voids and knots, providing endless opportunities for creative expression through epoxy fills. Some of the slabs in the log need to be patchworked back together with epoxy creating internal epoxy rivers that can contrast the dark grain of black walnut.  Don’t miss your opportunity to work with these unique pieces of lumber or have us transform one of these unique slabs into a timeless piece of live edge furniture.


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